Family Missing Father Image Life insurance is a very complex financial instrument – more so than most policyholders and advisors tend to realize. Indeed, life insurance has traditionally been viewed as a static asset that could comfortably be ignored once adequate coverage was obtained. That perception, in many cases, has created a large gap between the insured's expectations and actual policy performance.

Like investment portfolios that are actively managed and real estate that is periodically appraised, life insurance needs to be managed and monitored according to a wide range of criteria. In the current environment, the consequence of inattention to life insurance can include lapsed policies, unnecessary costly premiums, missed opportunities and a breach of fiduciary responsibilities.

The convergence of critical insurance industry changes in medical and economic developments have given rise to a new discipline and level of expertise within the life insurance field: The Life Insurance Assessment. Faculty Services Corporation is uniquely qualified to perform Life Insurance Assessments. Clients stand to gain significant value from this objective, third-party assessment of the performance of their policies, along with a comprehensive review of opportunities to improve upon existing life insurance.

In the majority of cases, approximately 65 percent of the time, the potential for considerable improvements is discovered and clients are presented with options to either increase death benefits at current funding levels or reduce premiums while maintaining the same coverage. The other 35 percent of our clients receive recommendations on how policies can be restructured to meet their needs and expectations, or they gain the assurance that they are already benefiting from the most up-to-date underwriting standards and optimal products.

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